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Qigong and Yoga for Women’s Health in Cambridge

Classes and one-to-ones for your pleasure, health and physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

We women are different to men.
We have different rhythms, different needs, different ways.
Our way is more fluid, more creative, more deeply knowing.
And more powerful.
But we have neglected our feminine essence to succeed in a man's world.
So we are disconnected from the source of our great power.
And thus our health and well-being have suffered.

Women are suffering more than ever from menstrual problems, fertility difficulties, peri- and post-menopausal distress and a whole host of gynaecological and general health issues.

Our emotional well-being is often shaky too, with loss of power creating tension, anxiety, frustration, sadness.

Even when we are symptom-free, we yearn to harness the power we feel buried deep within us.

But, in the rush of our busy, linear lives, we may not know how.

With my specialised Yoga, Qigong and natural therapies, I'll help you take a step back and reconnect to your feminine essence, your fluid cyclical rhythms, your true and beautiful self, and your awesome sisters.

I can guide you whether you are looking for fertility support or help with menstrual, menopausal or other health problems, or whether you just want to nurture your own well-being and to blossom into the magnificent person you were born to be.

Join me in Cambridge, UK at my Yoga classes, Qigong classes or Women’s Circles.

See me 1-2-1 for specialised advice tailored to your unique needs.

Discover my Wise Womb Therapies and book a Package for fertility or reproductive health.

Or look out for one of my Workshops or Retreats.

Not sure what would suit you best?

What others say ...

“Tiffany's Women's Circle is unique ... I leave feeling profoundly moved in body and spirit with a deep sense of well-being,”

- Ashley S.

"I have been going to Tiffany's Yoga and Qigong classes for a year and am so pleased to have found this lovely teaching style and such a dedicated and skilfull teacher. I come away from classes feeling calm, energised, strong and supple. I also really enjoy the friendly atmosphere created in the classes."

— Mary G.

"I have just started yoga - aged 51 - and it is a revelation. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have worried my body wouldn't cope with certain positions… Tiffany treats everyone and every body as an individual… She has endless patience and a keen eye… It is treasure. Thank you."

— Sophie W.

Yoga Classes

Gentle and more dynamic Yoga classes for mind-body harmony on and off your mat.

Qigong Classes

Fluid Qigong movement and self-care practices for women's health, well-being and fertility.

Women's Circles

Safe spaces to reconnect - with your feminine essence, your womb's wisdom and other women.

Workshops & Retreats

Upcoming: Greet Winter with Qigong & Tibetan Bowls - December; Men's Workshop in January

One-to-one sessions

Tailored Yoga, Qigong, Reflexology and diet and lifestyle advice for your unique needs.

Fertility & Women's Health

Specialised therapies and discounted packages for restoring vital female health and fertility.

NurtureWorks - Yoga, Qigong, Reflexology, diet & lifestyle advice for women's health in Cambridge, UK.