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Take control of your own health and well-being with Yoga designed especially for your female body and energy cycles. These nurturing and empowering Yoga practices helped me overcome serious fertility problems and now keep me healthy and sane amidst busy daily life. Let me share these tools with you in my Cambridge Yoga classes and my Women's Yoga Retreats, so you can navigate your own life challenges with groundedness, serenity and calm.

Join me also in my Qigong classes (open to men too) to transform the fabric of your inner world.

Coronavirus update - I have temporarily moved my Yoga and Qigong classes online.

For now, please ignore all information about in-person classes on this website.

Yoga Retreats for Busy Women

Treat yourself to a weekend Yoga retreat in a gorgeous Norfolk house or a Qigong day retreat in Cambridge. These are safe spaces for you to slow down and reconnect to yourself, others and the source of true feminine power.  "This isn't a Yoga Retreat! It's so much more"  - a recent participant. 

Yoga classes

Make some regular time to nurture yourself at my Cambridge Yoga classes (choose between Five Element Yoga and Well-Woman Yoga). Whether you are looking to stretch, relax, energise, balance, heal or conceive, this self-reverent practice will support you and help you on your way.

What others say ...

“Tiffany's Women's Circle is unique ... I leave feeling profoundly moved in body and spirit with a deep sense of well-being,”

- Ashley S.

"I have been going to Tiffany's Yoga and Qigong classes for a year and am so pleased to have found this lovely teaching style and such a dedicated and skilfull teacher. I come away from classes feeling calm, energised, strong and supple. I also really enjoy the friendly atmosphere created in the classes."

— Mary G.

"I have just started yoga - aged 51 - and it is a revelation. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have worried my body wouldn't cope with certain positions… Tiffany treats everyone and every body as an individual… She has endless patience and a keen eye… It is treasure. Thank you."

— Sophie W.

Do you work with women only?
No. The main focus of my work is women's health and well-being, but men can come to my Saturday Yoga class and I also have Qigong classes and events open to both men and women.
I make most classes and events women-only for the simple reason that then I can so much more effectively address our particular - and so often neglected - feminine needs (eg physical, energetic, emotional, hormonal). Men are welcome to classes marked 'open to all' (all other sessions are women-only).

And what do my women's Yoga classes look like?
When you come to one of my Cambridge Yoga classes, it'll just feel like any 'normal' relaxed and friendly session. You might notice a special emphasis on encouraging you to move slowly, fluidly and mindfully, on turning your curiosity inside your female body and on developing an embodied awareness of nature's cyclical rhythms flowing within you. 

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