Nurturing Nature Within You



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Take control of your own health and well-being with Yoga and Qigong that encourages you to listen in and move with reverence for your own unique body. Harness the power of the cyclical forces that turn within you to evolve on and off your mat. I offer classes and events for women and men, while some sessions and my online program are reserved for women. These are spaces for exploring the particularities of our feminine energetic system and embracing our natural cyclical essence.

Events and Retreats

Short workshops, day retreats, women's circles in Cambridge and weekend retreats in Norfolk. My events offer you the chance to deepen your Yoga or Qigong practice and/or to step out of your busy life to slow down, rest and reconnect to your truer self and to your natural rhythms.

Yoga classes

Make some regular time to tune in and nurture yourself at my Yoga classes in Cambridge (in-person and online). Whether you are looking to relax, energise, balance or heal, this cycle-centric practice of self-inquiry and self-reverent movement will support you and help you on your way.

Qigong classes

My Lotus Neigong Qigong classes (in-person and online) will guide you to lay the crucial foundations for this Chinese internal art and to get familiar with your internal energetic processes. In this way, you'll have what you need to make real progress in your practice and your personal development.

Yoga for Cyclical Well-being - my online women's program

My online program is for women wanting to dive deeper into their cyclical nature and learn to live in harmony with their Inner Seasons so they can thrive, not strive, in life.

What others say ...

"I have just started yoga - aged 51 - and it is a revelation. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have worried my body wouldn't cope with certain positions… Tiffany treats everyone and every body as an individual… She has endless patience and a keen eye… It is treasure. Thank you."

— Sophie W.

"To come to one of Tiffany’s retreats is to do oneself a great kindness. She creates and holds a beautifully nurturing space for women, who, in turn, nurture each other. Wonderful!"

- Beth M.

"I have been going to Tiffany's Yoga and Qigong classes for a year and am so pleased to have found this lovely teaching style and such a dedicated and skillful teacher. I come away from classes feeling calm, energised, strong and supple. I also really enjoy the friendly atmosphere created in the classes."

— Mary G.

“Tiffany's Women's Circle is unique ... I leave feeling profoundly moved in body and spirit with a deep sense of well-being,”

- Ashley S.

“Just fabulous! A really lovely balance of gentle exercise, meditation, good food and lots of sleep in a wonderful location - how we should be living all the time.”

- Ruth P.

“(Tiffany’s online program is) one of the most important things I’ve done in the last 10 years … The most fundamental thing I’ve learned is to fall back in love with being a woman … I’ve become much more able to deal with so many things in my life, my health is better, I get less triggered by stuff … I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

- Lorien Holland