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Let your practice be your medicine

By Tiffany Bown | Sep 4, 2014

It can be hard in our pop-a-pill, goal-oriented, immediate-gratification culture for people to accept that true healing from the inside out takes time. Even if they are initially committed to a holistic approach to healing, many people quickly lose heart and give up if they do not experience immediate dramatic results, while others make do…

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Taiwan – land of Qigong and Bubble Tea

By Tiffany Bown | Sep 4, 2014

I spent the whole of this summer with my family in Taiwan. My husband and I lived for 10 years in China in the 1990s and I spent several months in Taiwan before that as part of my Chinese studies. So this trip was partly a walk down memory lane, as well as a chance…

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Welcome to my blog

By Tiffany Bown | Sep 4, 2014

This blog is a space for me to expand on my vision of truly good health and well-being being simply a return to source and to share thoughts and perspectives on how – in a world that encourages hectic schedules – to live life in a way that nurtures (rather than saps) our essential energy…

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