Yoga and Qigong Class Calendar

This calendar shows both my online and in-person classes. For:

  • Online classes - if a class shows on the calendar, this means that there will be either be a live online class (plus subsequent recording) OR that I will send all class registrants a recording of a previous class that I think is a good practice for that particular week. Most weeks are live, but, in weeks when only a recorded class will be available, I'll post on this page in advance to let you know. Whether live or recorded, you'll get one-week access to the class video.
  • In-person classes - in weeks where a regular in-person class does not show on the calendar, that class is cancelled.

Upcoming dates when an online class will be recorded, not live:

  • Friday, August 28th - 5 Element Yoga
  • Monday, August 31st - Qigong
  • Tuesday, September 1st - Well-Woman Yoga