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My Qigong classes in Cambridge will help you boost and balance your energy levels, reconnect you to your natural cyclical rhythms and lead you home to your truest self. And they'll bring harmony to your general well-being, menstrual health and fertility through and beyond menopause.

Qigong practice is the best way I know to counter the stress of daily life and to maintain or restore health and well-being. Its graceful and easeful movement is deceptive - this is powerful mind-body medicine.

In this Chinese movement practice, we bring together fluid movement, breath and awareness to master cultivating, replenishing, circulating and harmonising ('gong') our vital energy ('Qi' - pronounced 'Chee'). This gradually heals imbalance manifesting as nagging discomfort or more serious symptoms on a physical, mental or emotional level.

Much more than Yoga, Qigong reminds us that we are nature, cultivates an embodied awareness of nature's cyclical rhythms within us and teaches us how to draw on cosmic energies for our own well-being.

But these energies can only circulate freely in a body that has been opened up by Yoga-like stretching.

So relaxed-stretching warm-ups and a strong focus on the posture of our physical bodies are vital components of my Qigong classes, allowing us to build the foundations for our energy practice. For maximum benefit, I recommend that you also attend one of my Yoga classes.

If you are looking for a movement practice that will empower you to take care of your own health and well-being, join us at my Qigong classes.

“Qigong is the bridge between humanity and nature. You become nature.”

- Zhenzan Dao, MogaDao founder.

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Qigong Classes

  • Monday, 6.00-7.15pm
    Signal Box Community Centre,
    Glenalmond Ave, Cambridge, CB2 8DB

Price: £12 drop-in / £60 for 6 credits - Buy new credits

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My Qigong classes in Cambridge are open, accessible and hugely beneficial to all women of all ages.

But please be aware that our standing position can be tiring at first and that some practices can be energetically and physically intense. You can practise sitting on a chair if standing for long periods is hard.

Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong and related to Tai Chi) is an ancient Chinese art and one of the pillars of Chinese medicine, prescribed by traditional doctors as a key aspect of healing regimes.

The teachings in my Qigong classes are largely derived from the MogaDao Qigong practice tradition, founded and created by my teacher, Zhenzan Dao. They also draw on other physical and energy practices designed to boost our female well-being.

“Tiffany's Qigong classes are joyful. She is a wonderful teacher with the perfect blend of clear instruction, spirituality and humour. Whether we are inside or outside under the trees in glorious Newnham, I always feel uplifted and energised after a class."

- Cilla C.

“I have loved the flowing movements in Tiffany's Qigong classes. The detailed description she gives has helped me to understand the relationship between the seasons, the Elements and my own energy and system. I find the practice accessible and grounding.”

- Nicky S.

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