Well-Woman Yoga & Women's Circles


My Well-Woman Yoga sessions and Women's Circles in Cambridge are safe spaces for us women to rest, recharge and rediscover our authentic feminine power. By taking the time to step away from the cares, distractions and rush of daily life, we give ourselves the chance to listen in, to heal what needs healing and to remember who we really are.

My Well-Woman Yoga sessions and Women's Circles bring together women of all ages in a friendly atmosphere of reverence, curious exploration and mutual support. Together, we embrace, celebrate and nourish our fluid feminine essence through gentle Yoga and Qigong movement and self-care practices.

My regular Well-Woman Yoga classes focus on nourishing and empowering movement, while my occasional Women's Circles also include mindful sharing and discussion.

Both sessions are centred on practices that promote energetic and hormonal balance and cultivate an optimum flow of blood and energy to our womb, ovaries and other organs nested in our pelvis.

Equally important, they nurture reconnection - with other women, with nature's cycles, with our own energetic and menstrual ebb and flow and with the goodness of our female bodies.

So they encourage us to stopping fighting against our cyclical feminine reality and remind us of our rightness as natural beings. Thus they gently loosen knots of shame, grief, trauma and neglect within us and bring us back instead into an accepting, loving and heedful relationship with ourselves, our bodies, our wombs and our ever-changing rhythms.

In this way, my Well-Woman Yoga classes and Women's Circles help us not only rediscover our authentic feminine power, but they cultivate general female well-being and heal any specific issues that any of us may bring along.

If you are looking for help in connecting to your authentic feminine power, in boosting your general female well-being or in navigating some specific (general or female) health issue, join us at my Well-Woman Yoga classes or Women's Circles.

I highly recommend these sessions if you are looking for support with menstrual, fertility, menopausal or sexual issues. 

If you are post-menopausal, please don't presume you are too old to join us. Your presence during your Second Spring would be a gift for us all.

“I have a sense of self-reverence where before there was shame ... This work is much needed at this time to reawaken the sacred feminine in all of us. Deep gratitude to you and your offering.”

- Alison G.

"After years of being busy with motherhood, parenting, working and general family life, at last making time for a weekly class with Tiffany is allowing me to rediscover myself and my own inner life"

- Janet C.

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Weekly sessions

Well-Woman Yoga

  • Monday, 7.30-9.00pm
    Signal Box Community Centre, Glenalmond Avenue, Cambridge, CB2 8DB

Price: £12/session drop-in or £60 for 6 credits - Buy new credits

  • Tuesday, 6-7.30pm
    Satyam Yoga Wellbeing Centre, 4 Hawthorne Way, Cambridge, CB4 1AX

Price: please check and book with Satyam.

Women's Circle

  • Next session - Friday, June 21st, 6.30-8.30pm
    These occasional 2-hour sessions are at:
    Satyam Yoga Wellbeing Centre, 4 Hawthorn Way, Cambridge, CB4 1AX

Price: Read more here or book with Satyam.

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How are your Well-Woman Yoga class and your Women's Circle different?

In terms of Yoga and Qigong movement and self-care practices, they are very similar.

But my Well-Woman Yoga sessions are regular 90-minute classes. The focus is mainly on movement and, while I encourage friendly connection, there is generally not much time for deeper sharing.

When we meet at Satyam Yoga centre for one of my occasional Women's Circles, we have more time. So we can also enjoy relaxed discussion and sharing around the evening's theme.

"This is your body,

Your greatest gift.

Pregnant with wisdom you do not hear,

Grief you thought was forgotten,

And joy you have never known."

- Marion Woodman

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