Well-Woman Yoga & Women's Circles


My Well-Woman Yoga sessions and Women's Circles in Cambridge are safe spaces for us women to rest, recharge and rediscover our authentic feminine power. By taking the time to step away from the cares, distractions and rush of daily life, we give ourselves the chance to listen in, to heal what needs healing and to remember who we really are.

Coronavirus update - I have temporarily moved my Yoga and Qigong classes online.

For now, please ignore all information about in-person classes on this website.

Well-Woman Yoga

Tuesdays, 8.00-9.00am

Price: £12 drop-in; £60 for 6 credits

Women's Circles

My next Women's Circle - tbc (a few times each year)
Relaxed spaces for gentle feminine connection.

Satyam Yoga & Wellbeing Centre, Cambridge. Price: £20

“Tiffany holds this feminine space with utmost integrity, authenticity and truth ... I have a sense of self-reverence where before there was shame ... This work is much needed at this time to reawaken the sacred feminine in all of us. Deep gratitude to you and your offering.”

- Alison G.

"After years of being busy with motherhood, parenting, working and general family life, at last making time for a weekly class with Tiffany is allowing me to rediscover myself and my own inner life."

- Janet C.

“The Women's Circle has come into my life at the perfect time ... I find it reassuring and relaxing to be part of a supportive group where I can explore the depths of my femininity and learn practical and nurturing ways to harmonise and balance myself.”

- Nicky S.

My Well-woman Yoga sessions and Women's Circles bring together women of all ages in a friendly atmosphere of reverence, curious exploration and mutual acceptance and support. Together, we embrace and celebrate what it is to be a woman.

In a world that often sends women the message that their way is somehow lesser, each of these sessions helps us rediscover our authentic feminine essence and power. And they also allow us to nurture our overall well-being and tackle any specific issues that any of us may bring along.

At my regular Well-Woman Yoga classes, the main focus is on nourishing and empowering movement and self-care practices (but we do make time for tuning in and expressing how we are feeling). At my occasional Women's Circles, we have more time to hold space for each other for mindful sharing and discussion.

Both sessions centre on practices that promote our well-being as women in all kinds of ways.

They may, for instance, boost our energetic and hormonal balance or cultivate an optimum flow of blood and energy to our womb, ovaries and other organs nestled in our pelvis. 

Equally important, our practices may nurture reconnection - with other women, with nature's cycles, with our own energetic and menstrual ebb and flow and with the goodness of our female bodies.

Both my Well-Woman Yoga classes and my Women's Circles remind us of our rightness as natural beings and encourage us to stop fighting against our cyclical feminine reality and instead to embrace this awesome gift. Thus they gently loosen knots within us of shame, grief, trauma and neglect, so we can return to an accepting, loving and heedful relationship with ourselves, our bodies and our ever-changing rhythms.

You are most welcome to join us, if you are looking to:

  • Connect with other women
  • Rediscover your authentic feminine power
  • Boost your general female well-being
  • Navigate some specific (general or female) health issue


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I'm struggling with menstrual/fertility/menopausal/sexual/other women's health issues. Will these sessions benefit me?
    A big yes! This type of nurturing, self-reverent, women-centric Yoga is hugely beneficial for all these issues. Our focus on replenishment, on cyclical reconnection, on hormonal balancing and on pelvic nourishing is just what you need.
  • I'm peri- or post-menopausal. Can I still come?
    Yes. Please don't think for a moment that you are too old to come if you no longer have a menstrual cycle. The echo of your cycle continues throughout your life. And your presence during your post-menopausal Second Spring would be a gift for us all.
  • I no longer have a physical womb/ovaries. Will these practices do anything for me?
    Yes, they will. The feminine creative energy of your pelvic 'womb space' is always present in women, whether or not your uterus and/or ovaries have been removed. These practices will help to nurture and heal the energy and tissues of that sacred space.
  • I don't have any particular issues right now, but I just feel the need to connect with other women in a gentle and supportive way. Would this be the right place for me?
    Yes, you'll fit right in. We live in a world that dishonours the feminine and constantly sends women negative messages, like that we and our cyclical reality are somehow lesser. S
    o many women join us simply to connect with other women and to our feminine energy in a positive way, thus nurturing self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • This sounds like just what I've been looking for, but I'm not very fit and am worried I won't be able to do the Yoga. Shall I come and try?
    Yes. The Yoga practices are gentle, self-nurturing and self-reverent, meaning that you invited to listen in and let the movements be an expression of you in that moment. And it is always fine to adapt or stop any practice at any time and instead to just move or rest in a way that feels nourishing to you.
  • I love the idea of this, but I'm worried about sharing personal stuff with others. Is everything we say confidential?
    Absolutely. Everything shared within my Well-Woman Yoga classes and Women's Circles stays within those spaces. And no one is going to give you advice. They'll just hold quiet space for you to express yourself and share as little or as much as you'd like to share. This make's these safe spaces for us women to lean in, let ourselves be authentic and vulnerable and allow ourselves to be held for once (rather than always supporting others).
  • I'm really struggling at the moment. I need this so much, but don't want to burden others. What shall I do?
    When you feel up to it, please do join us. Nature's energy runs in cycles, including within us. Our ebbs and flows and ups and downs are what make us human. Encouraging women to accept and honour these cycles and to be with whatever is present is at the centre of what I do. So don't feel you need to stay away because you have health or other life issues going on or are just not feeling great at the moment. And when you do come, there's no need to put on a brave and positive face, just bring yourself as you are. You'll be most welcome. And you'll find that you are not alone in finding life overwhelming sometimes.

If you have any other questions that are not covered in these FAQs, please contact me to ask me directly.

“This is your body,

Your greatest gift.

Pregnant with wisdom you do not hear,

Grief you thought was forgotten,

And joy you have never known."

Marion Woodman

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