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My friendly Yoga classes in Cambridge are a chance to step out of your daily life to connect to the real you through curious exploration of your inner world. To listen in with gentle self-reverence to what needs stretching, strengthening or letting go. And for re-finding and harmonising the echo of nature's cyclical rhythms within you.

My Hatha Yoga classes are relaxed and welcoming spaces. I'll guide you in exploring and optimising the natural movement of your own unique body - not in forcing yourself into postures that do you harm.

As you stretch open and strengthen your body in this self-reverent way, you'll start to experience yourself as a connected whole. And, with your vital organs stimulated and your internal energy circulating more smoothly, your health and well-being on every level will naturally improve.

Central to my Yoga and Qigong teaching is helping women to rekindle an embodied awareness of themselves as cyclical beings.

So each Yoga class is different. The asanas and the quality and speed of movement vary each week according to the Chinese Five Element cycle - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water - in line with waxing and waning of the Moon.

Practising in this way, you'll rediscover how every aspect of your physical self, along with your ever-changing moods and inclinations, are governed by the same universal cycles that flow in the rest of natural world.

It is the stressful, linear patterns of modern life that throw out these fluid rhythms and lead to a downward health spiral.

So, as you harmonise with your own internal seasons, you'll find the secret to living well.

If you are looking for a Yoga class whose benefits extend off your mat to bring real, lasting, positive change to your life, you have found your Yoga home.

“For me, MogaDao Yoga enriches Yoga practice as it reaches a much deeper meaning both spiritually and physically,”

- Samira T.

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Hatha Yoga Classes

  • Friday, 9.15-10.45am
    Mixed ability session

Signal Box Community Centre,
Glenalmond Avenue,
Cambridge, CB2 8DB

Price - £12 drop-in / £60 for 6 credits - Buy new credits

  • Saturday, 11.00-12.00am
    Mixed ability session.

    Men welcome.

Satyam Yoga Wellbeing Centre
4 Hawthorne Way,
Cambridge, CB4 1AX

Price - please check and book with Satyam.


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My weekly Yoga class at The Signal Box, Cambridge is open to all women. Men are also welcome at my Saturday session at Satyam.

In all my classes, I invite you to move with care, curiosity and sensitivity to your internal experience. And to remember that we come to Yoga class, not because it is important that we bend ourselves into various shapes, but so we can live better when we leave the class.

So our focus is on nurturing self-acceptance, cultivating self-reverence and accessing our authentic power by honouring our basic physical structure as we express our own particular essential energy in our external Yoga form. It is never on trying to impose some imagined 'perfect' physical form or some required level of athletic performance on our unique - and long-suffering - bodies.

My Hatha Yoga classes are a coming together of numerous inputs during years of practice and teaching. Major influences include the Birthlight Well-Woman Yoga practices of Francoise Freedman, the MogaDao Yoga practice tradition of Zhenzan Dao and the principles of connective tissue stretching inherent to Western myofascial release and Chinese Qigong practice.

“MogaDao Yoga asks of both spirit and body. Not just one or the other.”

- Zhenzan Dao, MogaDao founder

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