My Vision of Health


It is my passion, joy and life’s work to support women to achieve good health naturally through their unique journeys of reconnection, discovery and empowerment.

My own long fertility journey has made me particularly interested in supporting women who are facing their own struggle. This may be with fertility problems, menstrual and gynaecological issues, menopause-related difficulties, other illnesses or with their general sense of well-being as a woman.

My own experience convinced me that the origin of much of our female dis-ease (however it manifests) is disconnection from the source of our power.

Through the menstrual cycles that turn within us for three or four decades of our lives (and whose echo remains within us after menopause), we women naturally embody the cyclical flow of nature. In our monthly cycle, there are, for instance, times when we are full of creative, productive and outgoing energy, others when feel like the world is against us, and others still when are dreamy, unfocused and just want to hibernate.

Tuning into, embracing and honouring this ebb and flow of our cycle connects us directly to elemental nature and is the source of our well-being and power as women.

But instead, most of us women, try to live in a linear way, pushing on through as though we were same each day. And we regard menstruation (when we have the greatest opportunity to turn inwards and reconnect) as anything from a pain to a traumatic or shameful burden that makes us weaker than men. But the thing that actually weakens and harms us is this attitude of neglect.

What others say ...

“Tiffany's Women's Circle has made such a big difference in lowering my stress levels and learning how to nurture and look after myself.”

- Katrina P.

"Tiffany's classes are calm, meditative, refreshing and totally restorative. I love them!"

— Jane N.

"Working one-to-one with Tiffany helped me to heal and to remember to nurture myself during an extremely stressful period (of IVF cycles)."

— Kara M.

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Life has also taught me we can’t turn a downward health spiral around with quick fixes, like popping pills. Even longer-term solutions like exercising or taking care to eat ‘well’ rarely get to the heart of the matter. Poorly considered regimes may even make things worse.

True healing is a journey of reconnection. And this journey takes time, self-responsibility and commitment.

The only sure road to vibrant, fertile, dynamically good health is one that:

  • Cultivates self-reverence and self-worth - so we fall back in love with ourselves and believe that we are essentially good as natural beings and thus worthy of love and of shining brightly in this life.
  • Reconnects us - with other women, our female essence, our natural cycles and our original sexual energy that animates us and contains the seed of the person we were born to be.
  • Promotes radical responsibility for our own well-being - every time we expect someone else - be it a doctor or a complementary therapist - to heal us, we disempower and harm ourselves further.

For most of us, this represents a major fork in the road that we have been travelling so far. So it may require some big changes to the way we live (that has brought us to where were are now). It also takes patience and devotion to change ourselves gradually on a cellular and energetic level.

But, while it might be challenging, the road towards health is also a delightful one, lined with delicious, nurturing, life-enriching practices. And the gifts of well-being, self-love and fulfilment waiting for us down that road are well worth it.

If you are ready to commit yourself to healing, I’d be delighted to support you by sharing with you nourishing and powerful tools that will empower you to take care of yourself.

Yoga Classes

Gentle and more dynamic classes for mind-body harmony on and off your mat.

Qigong Classes

Fluid Qigong movement and self-care practices for women's health, well-being and fertility.

Women's Circles

Safe spaces to reconnect with your feminine essence, your womb's wisdom and other women.

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Upcoming dates include Women's Retreat - November 10-12th; Tibetan Bowls - December 8th

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Tailored Yoga, Qigong, Reflexology and diet and lifestyle advice for your unique needs.

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Specialised therapies and discounted packages for restoring vital female health.

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