Alongside my weekly Five Elements Yoga classes, Well-Woman Yoga classes and Qigong Classes in Cambridge, I offer occasional Women's Circles and regular Workshops and Retreats to help you deepen into practice.

Workshops in Cambridge

From quarterly Qigong and Tibetan Bowls evenings to annual WellWoman in the Wild Qigong days on ancient woodland to occasional themed workshops, my events in and near Cambridge give you the chance to step out of the rhythm of your regular life for a moment so that you can connect deeply with your internal rhythms through Yoga and/or Qigong practice.

Yoga Retreats

My Yoga Retreats give you the time and space for the noise of your busy life to fade so you can tune back into the real you and engage in some intensive self-nurturing. My venues - in Norfolk and (soon) in Italy - are fabulous country houses where you don't need to do anything but relax, enjoy rejuvenating Yoga, great female company and amazing vegetarian food.

Women's Circles

Step out of your busy life for an evening of gentle reconnection - with your amazing female body, with other beautiful women and with your cyclical feminine reality. Satyam Yoga studio is a beautiful venue for these occasional two-hour Women's Circles, so they feel really special. Don't miss the chance for a relaxing and harmonising evening of practice and sharing.

NurtureWorks - Helping women thrive with Yoga & Qigong

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