WomenWell in the Wild Day Retreat

Autumn Qigong Day Retreat

September 18th, 2022


Ashlyn Woods, near Cambridge

Step into the woods for my Autumn Qigong Day Retreat, a nourishing day of gentle movement and reflective stillness to harmonise your energy with nature's autumnal drawing in. Extra delights include friendly female company, homemade soup and relaxed chatting around the fire in the woodland shelters.

As nature dims her Summer lights and slides into Autumn, spending this annual retreat day bathed in the aura of Ashlyn's ancient trees is my favourite way to align myself with the seasonal shift.

At this precious time of year, the trees are pushing their waste into their falling leaves, so they can refine their juicy sap and draw this essence down to their roots to be stored and replenished over the Winter.

You too can tap into this autumnal energy of refinement. It encourages us to turn an honest mirror on our lives and clear from them what no longer belongs, so we can nurture the juicy essence of our truest selves.

Our movement and stillness, reflection and sharing at this Autumn Qigong day retreat will help you do just this, so that the season's reflective drawing inwards feels like a supportive hug, not a suffocating squeeze. 

Here are some words women at previous day retreats used to describe their experience:

"Peaceful, transforming, grounding, nurturing, filling, restful, spacious, wise, relaxing, motivational, recharging, calming, rejuvenating, just wonderful."

Don't miss your chance to rest, refine and recharge in these magical woods.

Qigong is a Chinese internal art combining movement, breath and focused awareness.

The movements are accessible to all, practised standing or sitting on a chair.

It's your day - you can join the Qigong or just enjoy the woods.

No Qigong experience is needed.


Just wear comfortable, layered, weather-suitable clothes. 

Bring a friend and get a discount for two.

I'd love it if you could bring a homemade sweet or savoury snack to share.
(Delicious soup and bread are provided).


The woodland is 20 minutes west of Cambridge.

Our venue has compost loos and mains water.

There is also a kitchen and open-sided shelters.

Our September hearth-keeper is a man - a lovely dot of Yang in our feminine Yin.


I'll send you directions and other information after booking.

If you need to find a lift or would like to car share, let me know.


The retreat will be postponed in case of very wet weather (refunds available).


Price: £40 for one / £70 for two

Autumn Qigong Day Retreat
Autumn Qigong Day Retreat
Spring Qigong Day Retreat
Autumn Qigong Day Retreat

I'll leave it to the wonderful women who have been before to tell you more about what to expect at my Autumn Qigong Day Retreat:

"I loved it! It filled my heart and being with hope and energy ... It was a very special day," Sarah L.


"I came as a complete beginner and left with a little sequence I can now practise at home. ... Tiffany's approach is very nurturing and deeply knowledgable. You feel supported the whole day - you can choose to join the Qigong sessions or just to wander around in the special place in nature," Jitka R.


"A chance for women of any age to find their own space and have their worth in the world reaffirmed," Jackie I.


"The venue is simply magical. There is something about the rustic simplicity that feels like a decluttering of the mind,"  Kathrin H.


"I was made to feel so welcome on the retreat - and lovely guided practice, easy to follow," Caroline O.


"The coming together of a group of women to move, share and explore their relationship with their body and its movements. Perfectly situated in beautiful Ashlyn woods," Beverley C.


"A wonderful retreat. A day of quiet reflection. Gentle wisdom," Kate S.


"Thank you, Tiffany for such a beautiful day retreat. Even though I'm not too familiar with Qigong, you held the space so beautifully that this was not an issue at all ... It was a very relaxing day, where I welcomed the opportunity to be in nature. I enjoyed meeting the other women very much and sharing some delicious food together," Aline L


"Such a relaxing, beautiful day!" Amy


My Autumn Qigong Day Retreat is part of WomenWell in the Wild. But what is WomenWell in the Wild?

WomenWell in the Wild was set up by Filipa Pereira-Stubbs.

Here is how Filippa describes these workshops:


"WomenWell in the Wild was established in 2011 in response to a group of women expressing a wish to spend time in nature in the company of other women.  The desire was to relish, discover, learn or renew the skills and tools that restore us and inspire us. 

An intention: building experiences in creativity to restore sense of self, along the way discovering wellness and finding companions with which to navigate life.

Workshops are by local women artists experienced in working outdoors and delivered in all seasons.

Some were repeated annually, becoming favourite events in busy calendars."

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