Qigong & Tibetan Bowls Workshops

Rest in Winter's Stillness with
Qigong & Tibetan Bowls


Friday, January 31st, 2020, 7.30-9.30pm

Friends Meeting House,
91-93 Hartington Grove, CB1 7UB

Price: £15

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Have you made time to rest and restore this Winter?

Are you already pushing forward into Spring?

Are your energy levels low?

In the wake of New Year and Chinese New Year,  it can be tempting to shift prematurely into the bright and hopeful energy of springtime re-emergence. Our Qigong movement to the sounds of Tibetan Bowls will encourage us to slow down, hold back and dwell a little longer in Winter's full restorative contraction.

This year, with our worryingly warm winter, even nature seems to have been tricked into thinking that Spring has come early, with the birds starting to sing and primroses and daffodils already bursting forth. 

But, in the seasonal cycle, January is most definitely still Winter - a time when animals and plants are usually still in hibernation and dormancy. For us, this window between the bustle of Christmas and the upsurge of Spring is our best chance to mimic that stillness - and it is vital that we do if want to feel vigorous and strong through the coming year.

For Winter is the nighttime of the annual cycle - the indispensable counterbalance to Summer. More than that, this dark time of rest, reunion and restoration holds and nurtures the seed that makes Summer's bright and vibrant display possible.

Us humans are not so wise as our fellow beings. Winter often remains a busy time, with many of us disliking, fearing and resisting our bodies' urgings to slow down, terrified of a plunge into lazy collapse.

But it is actually by shunning nature's call for peaceful rest that we deplete our vital (Kidney) energy and end up depleted and exhausted. So we are unable in Springtime to access the spark of light that would allow us to easefully reemerge towards energised, creative, active life.

At January’s Qigong and Tibetan Bowls, we'll prepare ourselves for Spring by feeling into an embodied awareness of the restorative goodness of tranquillity.

Do join us for this evening of relaxing and harmonising practice.

Open to all - men and women.

No experience is needed.

What to expect

Qigong - lying and standing movement, breath and focused awareness.

Stillness - to bathe in the sounds of the Tibetan Bowls.

A relaxed, friendly and unintimidating atmosphere.

What to bring

Yourself in comfortable clothes. 

Friends (but let us know).

A cushion or small blanket (if you wish, not essential).

Qigong and Tibetan Bowls

Why we run these workshops

These Qigong and Tibetan Bowls workshops happen four times each year (at Solstice and Equinox) to honour and align ourselves with the seasonal shift.

They are run by me together, with sound healer Nick Tischler.

Nick also hosts monthly Tibetan Bowls sound baths at the same venue, often working with healers from other disciplines. See the Self-healing With Sound and Movement Facebook page.

We started the Qigong and Tibetan Bowls sessions because we find that, by bringing together the gentle movements of the ancient Chinese art of Qigong (related to Tai Chi) with the beautiful sounds of Tibetan 'Singing' Bowls, we amplify the deeply healing powers of each.

We wish to share these benefits with other people who are looking for new ways to nurture their own health and wellbeing. 

Each of our sessions is a healing moment in itself as we bathe ourselves in sound and movement, which open up energetic blockages as they draw us away from our daily cares towards the sensations of our bodies.

It is also an opportunity to deepen our understanding of how to use sound and movement to self-heal at home.

Points to note:
- You can do the Qigong movements sitting on a chair, if standing for long periods or getting down on the floor is a problem for you.

- Doors will close at 7.30pm, so please arrive in good time.

- If you are paying in cash, please bring the right change. And don't forget to pay.

- Please sign your name in the book (even if you have been before). Thanks.

What others say ...

Tiffany holds this feminine space with utmost integrity, authenticity and truth.

- Alison G.

"You bravely and skillfully created a friendly, safe place where I could express myself verbally and physically."

— Cecilia T.

"Tiffany treats everyone and every body as an individual… She has endless patience and a keen eye… It is treasure. Thank you."

— Sophie W.

"I really loved the workshop. I found it very tranquil and promoted a great sense of meditation. In fact, I had a moment of complete serenity which is something I have been searching for."

— Rebecca C.

"Tiffany is a wonderful teacher with the perfect blend of clear instruction, spirituality and humour."

— Cilla C.

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