WomenWell in the Wild Day Retreat

Summer Solstice Qigong Day Retreat

Sunday, June 20th, 2021, 10.30am-5pm

Ashlyn Woods, near Cambridge

Where better to refind the fullness of your natural expansive energy after the confines of lockdown but in these spacious and magical woods? Here we can breathe deeply, move freely and reconnect safely. So join me on the cusp of the Solstice for this day of Qigong movement, delicious food, good female company and a celebration of Summer's full radiance.

As we approach the longest day of the year, the first day of Summer and the Full Moon (and the full lifting of Coronavirus lockdown restrictions), wouldn't it be lovely to feel your own energy expand to its natural, anchored fullness? But the lingering effects of the lengthy lockdown might leave you either struggling to open up or finding yourself exploding outwards with depleting and uprooting force.

A day of being bathed by these ancient trees and of feeling the rich earth beneath your feet will help melt away constrictive tension and ground you deeply, allowing the Summer energy of your Heart to simply unfurl. Our Qigong practices will support that process.

(This is the first time I've held this retreat in the Summer - the less-than-summery photos are from my regular Autumn retreat each September!)

Here are some words women at previous woodland day retreats used to describe their experience:

"Peaceful, transforming, grounding, nurturing, filling, restful, wise, relaxing, motivational, calming, rejuvenating, just wonderful."

Don't miss the chance to unwind in these beautiful woods.

Qigong is a Chinese healing art combining movement, breath and focused awareness.

The gentle movements are accessible to all, practised standing or sitting on a chair.

You can join all the Qigong practice or just enjoy the woods.

No experience is needed.

Just wear comfortable, layered, weather-suitable clothes. 

Feel free to invite your friends.

I'd love it if you could bring a homemade sweet or savoury snack to share.
(Delicious soup and bread are provided).

The venue is 20-minutes west of Cambridge.

Our woodland venue has open-sided covered shelters, compost loos and mains water.

I'll send you directions and other information after booking.

If you need to find a lift to my Summer Qigong Day Retreat, let me know.


Price: £40 for one / £70 for two

"The coming together of a group of women to move, share and explore their relationship with their body and its movements. Perfectly situated in beautiful Ashlyn woods,"  Beverley C.


WellWoman in the Wild
WomenWell in the Wild
WomenWell in the Wild

What is WomenWell in the Wild?

WomenWell in the Wild was set up by Filipa Pereira-Stubbs in the autumn of 2011.

Here is how Filippa describes these workshops:


"It is a programme of arts workshops for women to be together in community and in playfulness in peaceful ancient woodland and fields through all seasons and all weather. Workshops run for women, by women – nourishing life-long learning in the arts and practical skills. Workshops so far have been in singing, poetry, and weaving - all led by established Cambridgeshire artists.

We move through the seasons, slowly building in new workshops and inviting new women artists to share their skills and passions with others.  It feels important that workshops are repeated annually, life circumstances allowing, so that women who miss a workshop have the opportunity to do it again the following year."

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