Women's Qigong Workshops

Saturday, June 26th and July 10th, 2021

Satyam Yoga & Wellbeing Centre,
2-4 Hawthorn Road, Cambridge, CB4 1AX

Price - £40 (first session only);
£60 (for two sessions)

This is a two-part series introducing Qigong movements and self-care practices designed specifically for our female energy system.

At the origin of our existence, there is no differentiation between male and female and, even at the mundane level of human life, there are many similarities in our energetic systems. But there are key aspects of women's energetics that are decidedly female. For instance, women's energy and menstrual cycles are strongly influenced by the cyclical turning of the Moon, the foundation of our well-being is our Blood and our focal energy centre is in our chest (for men, read Sun, sexual fluids, abdomen).

These female aspects are largely ignored by the majority of writings and teachings on the internal arts passed down through the ages in China, which have the male energetic system in mind. These still work for women, but they are much less efficient at harnessing our inherent energetic strengths, thus slowing our process of growth and transformation.

Women's teachings were largely passed down in secrecy by oral transmission. While much has been lost, precious teachings to support women's health and spiritual development have survived. Over these two sessions, I'll share some of those practiced in the Lotus Neigong tradition.

But, before moving on to gender-specific practices, the first session will focus on establishing some Lotus Neigong Qigong foundations, which are the same for men and women. Once we have some grasp of these fundamental principles of standing, moving, breathing and mental awareness, we'll also have time to get started with women's Qigong practices.

In the second session, we'll meet on the New Moon - a particularly powerful moment for our feminine Yin energy - and dive more deeply into Women's Qigong. 

Over the two sessions, we'll explore female practices for aligning our energetic turning with the lunar ebb and flow, consolidating our essence in our chest and breasts, settling our emotions (and thus our hormones) and nourishing our Blood and our womb space.

The two sessions are suitable for beginners and for experienced Qigong practitioners of all ages, and for those who identify as being a woman and as sharing female energetics.

The sessions will include Qigong movement, breathwork, mudras, self-massage and mental absorption practices. Some of these are done seated and some standing (lengthy Qigong standing can initially be tiring, but you are welcome to sit on a chair). I will also share some background on women's energetics and Qigong.

You can book the first introductory workshop as a stand-alone session, but will need to have attended this to come to our special New Moon second session.* I highly recommend you come to both to get the full benefit!

* If you already practice Qigong with me, it might be possible for you to attend just the second session if there is space. Let me know if you'd like to do this.

You can find out more about Lotus Neigong Qigong practice and my weekly classes for men and women here.

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