Women's Circle at Satyam Yoga Studio

Occasional Events - next dates tbc

Satyam Yoga studio,

2-4 Hawthorn Road, Cambridge, CB4 1AX

Price - £20

Step out of your busy life for an evening of gentle reconnection - with your amazing female body, with other beautiful women and with your cyclical feminine reality.

We women naturally embody the rhythmical flow of nature through the turning of our menstrual cycle (whose echo remains with us after menopause). This cycle is a gift that teaches us when to ebb and when to flow - when to retreat and restore and when to push ahead with busy activity.

Embracing this cycle connects us to elemental nature and is the source of our well-being and power as women. But most of us live in a linear way, pushing on through in the same way each day. And dismissing our cycle as a burden, our blood as shameful and our hormonal shifts as making us weaker than men. What actually weakens us is this disdainful attitude towards our female reality.

In these Women’s Circles, we will be embracing our natural cyclical way as good and valuable. We’ll enjoy a variety of nourishing women-centric self-care practices, including Yoga, Qigong, meditation and relaxed chatting and sharing around our theme. All of this is designed to help us fall back in love with our cycling female bodies and, thus, access our authentic feminine power.

  • This Circle is a safe, relaxed, friendly space, where you can lean in and let yourself be held.
  • It is open to all women of all ages - whether you are looking to boost your general feminine well-being or whether you are navigating some general or female health issue.
  • Don't feel you to bring your best self along or stay away because you are not feeling great - just come as your authentic self, however you are feeling right now.

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