Autumn Weekend Women's Yoga Retreat in Norfolk, UK

Fishley Hall, near Norwich, Norfolk
Friday-Sunday, November 11-13th, 2022


Craving some self-nurturing and reconnection with other like-minded women?

Ready to embrace your gentler cyclical rhythms and to get more intimate with your feminine self?

Looking to boost your energy, creativity and well-being?

Need support with a women's (eg menstrual-, fertility-, menopause-related) or general health issue?

Autumn - with its cyclical seasonal energy of drawing in and clearing - is the perfect moment to do all this. And my two-night Women's Yoga Retreat in a luxury country house in stunning rural Norfolk is the perfect place.

Reflection, rest and self-care are much undervalued in our results-oriented world, but they are the secret to being well and living well - and to taking our truest and most vibrant self out into the world.

At this retreat, we'll practice gentle, self-reverent Yoga practice that will remind us that we are nature and that her cyclical rhythms ebb and flow in us, just as they do in the rest of the natural world around us.

In particular, we'll honour the quietening phase of the annual cycle, celebrating Autumn's precious energy of endings and of letting go of what no longer belongs in our bodies or our lives.

Just as precious as our Yoga practice is the chance to:

  • Come together with like-minded women. The tender network of care and support that grows in a few short days between each group of women is one of the weekend's delightful bonuses.
  • Enjoy well-deserved rest and put nurturing yourself ahead of caring for the needs of others.
  • Nourish yourself with fantastic vegetarian food (without needed to lift a finger yourself).
  • Luxuriate in Fishley Hall's self-pampering comfort.
  • Take long, relaxed walks in the outstandingly beautiful Norfolk Broads' countryside.
  • Treat yourself to a restorative and healing massage treatment.

If you'd like to gift yourself the life-enhancing benefits of a replenishing weekend of quality me-time, just sign up below ...

“Just fabulous! A lovely balance of gentle exercise, meditation, good food and lots of sleep in a wonderful location - how we should be living all the time.”
Ruth P. 

Want a sneak preview of what it is like at one of my Women's Yoga Retreats? Just watch this video.

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Tell me more ...

This weekend retreat is based on my lifetime of experience as a busy woman living in a linear world that encourages us to just keep going. I spent many years ignoring my cyclical feminine reality to survive and succeed in that world.

But I reached a point that I could no longer ignore my body's alarm signals.

It's been nearly 20 years since I woke up to the fact that, as embodiments of nature's cycles, our cyclical rhythms (whatever our age - pre- or post-menopausal) are the source of our authentic power as women.

So true feminine well-being and empowerment can only come from embracing our cyclical nature as a wonderful, valuable gift. I know that for many women this might seem like a great challenge! But we ignore and suppress this reality at our peril.

At this retreat, I'll share with you the lessons I've learned on my journey and my favourite tools for staying calm, well and connected to my feminine self while juggling many plates.

In our daily Yoga sessions, you'll get to nurture yourself with gentle and empowering practices - Yoga, Qigong, meditation, self-care - that will help you fall back (or deeper) in love with yourself as a woman.

And I'll share the precious cyclical framework that helps me daily to decipher my body's ever-changing energy and to live in harmony with (rather than struggling against) its ebb and my flow.

All along we'll be honouring November's seasonal energy of reflection and refinement. In our bodies, this means tonifying our Lungs and supporting their role of autumnal sorting of what stays and what goes.

There will of course also be plenty of time to simply relax!

You might choose to:

  • rest, snooze or read in luxury country-house comfort
  • take a walk in stunning countryside
  • visit the nearby Norfolk coast
  • chat with other lovely women
  • pamper yourself with delicious treatment.

More than anything, this will be a chance for you to undo, not to do.

For self-care is not selfish. Rather it is your gateway to vitality, creativity and taking your most powerful and authentic self out into the world.

This weekend Women's Yoga Retreats runs from Friday to Sunday.

You can arrive at the retreat any time from 10am on the Friday. If you are able to come in the morning, I do so recommend you take advantage of this opportunity for quiet time to settle in, relax and explore.

The retreat will start in a very relaxed way at 3.30pm, with a welcoming cup of tea, followed by the first Yoga practice session and then dinner. We'll finish by 3pm on Sunday afternoon. (See below for full provisional schedule).

The retreat is open to all women of all ages who are interested in reconnecting with nature's rhythms and accessing their true feminine power.

You don't need any experience of Yoga etc and you certainly don't need to stay away because you think you are not fit or cheery (etc) enough. The atmosphere is relaxed, friendly and welcoming and our practice will be deeply self-reverent and fluidly accessible to all. 

And, even more importantly, this is your weekend - you can join in as much or as little as you wish.

If you choose to spend a practice session lying on your mat, you can. And if one day you feel that what you really want to do is to skip practice and instead relax, go for a walk, explore Norfolk, read a book, draw, chat with someone interesting you have connected with or spend some quiet time alone, that is more than fine.

Read how others enjoyed my previous retreats:

"A wonderful retreat to reconnect and nurture yourself. Tiffany has an amazing empathy, gentleness and way that makes you feel secure and loved. It has been a turning point in my life."

- Kath G.

"To come to Tiffany's retreats is to do oneself a great kindness. She creates and holds a beautifully nurturing space for women, who in turn nurture one another. Wonderful."

- Beth M.

Thank you, Tiffany, for a very restorative weekend. I’m going back to the real world refreshed, emotionally lighter and with a greater understanding of my body and femininity.

- Kat R.

"It was enlightening - learning and understanding things about myself through Qigong, Yoga and being with people in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment ... It was a retreat away from the noise and hassle of 'normal life', but it was not just a 'pampering weekend'. It was about having the opportunity to be calm and to hear myself ... A very cleansing, nurturing and transformative space. Thank you, Tiffany - you have the gift and ability to hear what lies underneath and to always be so genuine."

- Irina M.

"After a very rough few years, I feel like this weekend has really been transformational and has helped me start to settle and love myself again. It was perfect." 

- Ellie L.

"Thank you for your guidance and compassion and wisdom this weekend! …. After a very emotionally difficult year, this retreat was almost like a rebirth for me, physically, mentally and emotionally. Tiffany was a gentle and compassionate teacher, and lead us in a beautiful program that embraced feminine power and self-care and allowed for a lot of healing and introspection. Such a restorative weekend in beautiful surroundings with other lovely, interesting women - I couldn’t recommend it more!”

— Emily M.

"I particularly enjoyed the meditation, the massage and the Yoga practice, plus the space in the day to be alone. … Absolutely exceptional food. Nurturing teaching and healing 1-2-1 treatments. Beautiful setting and stunning house. The only thing that would have made it even better was if it could have been another day longer!"

— Maria F.

"This Yoga is underpinned by wisdom and compassion and the sheer joy of being a woman. It is inspiring. … The greatest benefit for me was to enjoy moving and stretching again without fear after slipping a disc - and to reconnect with myself, to value myself as a woman. ... It's amazing to watch 16 women transform, open up and blossom in just 2 or 3 days,”

— Jo D.

"Tiffany has a rare gift of combining extensive research - theoretical and practical - with empathetic and transformative teaching. Her Yoga sessions include Qigong, reverence for seasonal change and celebration of female energy. Powerful stuff! …. It is fascinating how practice, good food, Ashley’s shiatsu massage and discussion combined to shift one’s state of mine to peace and renewal. .. And the venue was great - large spaces, great bathrooms, and intimately connected to the seasons by being on a farm and close to the sea.”

— Nicole H.

"Thank you for your wisdom and insights. … I loved approaching Yoga from an elemental aspect - this was a whole new wealth of information. … The venue was excellent - warm, with lovely bedrooms, great food and plenty of it. Wonderful company of women."

- Sarah O.

"Mandatory for all women! ... For the first time, I can genuinely see the benefits of being a woman. I can also see how I have strived in the past to repress my 'woman-ness' and to be 'logical and sensible',"

- Lorien H.

"An enlightening weekend! I loved learning about the whole essence of being a woman - the Five Elements, the moon, the menstrual cycle,"

- Deirdre P.

"This is a lovely and gentle retreat. I felt calm and comfortable all weekend. Such a great opportunity to take a break from life, reset and connect with others. Thank you!"

- Becky P.

"The retreat was superbly organised and structured. I never felt like I was doing too much or too little. The food was incredible and the venue was beautiful,"

- Jenny M.

"The whole experience was divine. ... Thank you for doing this. It is vital in the modern world,"

- Olga T.

"Tiffany's retreat is a treat for you body and your mind. It was amazing to see the change for the better in some very stressed women!"

- Laura T.

"I came looking for inner peace and I learned how to get there,"

- Ana W.

"Every part of the retreat was an absolute dream - I don't think it could have been more perfect. A massive thank you!"

- Lauren G.

"Tiffany understands the power we have as women and helps us revere and respect our own bodies and reconnect to our true selves."

- Olivia R.

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Read one woman's retreat experience

If you'd like to find out more about my retreats from someone else's point of view, visit the HelloBex blog. Bexa came to my November 2018 retreat with her friend Jenny and decided to write all about her weekend.

Our Yoga retreat venue is truly fabulous - both stylish and comfortable. Fishley Hall is a 17th-century manor house set in spectacular countryside near the village of Acle, next to the River Bure and just 10 miles from the Norfolk coast. The house, which has been refurbished with enormous love and care by the owners, sleeps up to 16. We'll be practising in its beautiful, spacious conservatory, which has underfloor heating.

"The house is charming, beautiful and has a real sense of peace about it. The surroundings make it so special!" Lauren G.

Fabulous food
Our delicious food will, like our Yoga, celebrate Autumn's nourishing energy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be vegetarian (tending to vegan) and we can cater for other reasonable dietary requirements (eg gluten-free). There will also be nourishing snacks and lots of herbal teas available.

"Absolutely exceptional food!" Maria F.

1-2-1 therapies
Treat yourself to deeply nurturing 1-2-1 shiatsu or massage treatment with our in-house therapist.

Slots are available from Friday to Sunday between Yoga and Qigong sessions and in the evenings.

"Thank you for a wonderful treatment, the perfect complement to the weekend." Emily M.

Norfolk Women's Yoga Retreat

Rough daily Women's Yoga Retreat schedule (subject to change)


  • 10am onwards - Arrive any time to settle in, relax, enjoy your own lunch (you can use the lovely kitchen) or even take a trip to the nearby coast
  • 1.30-4pm - 1-2-1s available
  • 3.30pm - Welcome tea
  • 4.30-7pm - Introductions and opening Yoga practice
  • 7.15pm - Dinner
  • 8pm onward - 1-2-1s available


  • 6.30-7.30am - Early riser gentle stretching and meditation
  • 7.30am - Breakfast
  • 8.30-10am - Time for you/1-2-1s available
  • 10-12pm - Morning Yoga practice
  • 12.30pm - Lunch
  • 1.30-4.45pm - Time for you/1-2-1s available
  • 5-7pm - Afternoon Qigong and self-care practices
  • 7.15pm - Dinner
  • 8pm onward - 1-2-1s available


  • 6.30-7.30am - Early riser gentle stretching and meditation
  • 7.30am - Breakfast
  • 8.00-10am - Time for you/1-2-1s available
  • 10-11.30am - Closing Yoga practice
  • 11.45-12.45pm - Gathering and sharing
  • 1pm - Lunch
  • 3pm - Retreat closes

Everything is optional (particularly those early morning sessions!). And non-practice times are totally free for you to relax or book a private treatment.

Finding Fishley Hall
The address is Fishley Hall, Fishley, Norwich, NR13 6DA. It is a 1.5-hour drive from Cambridge and about 2.5 hours from north London.

The house is easily accessible by train - to Norwich, then a short ride to Acle. From there it is a 5-minute taxi to Fishley Hall (best to book taxis in advance).

Room choices
All the rooms at Fishley Hall are comfortable and lovely, with spacious, modern bathrooms. 
I offer a choice of single, twin or triple rooms:

  • One triple - with shared bathroom 
  • Four twins (3 'Upstairs' bedrooms with shared bathroom; 1 'Downstairs' bedroom with ensuite bathroom with shower, bedroom with skylight window)
  • Two classic singles - with shared bathroom
  • One super-luxury 'Bridal Suite' single with a gorgeous ensuite

Rooms with 'shared' bathroom share a large bathroom with shower and bath with one other room.

Spaces in twin and triple rooms will be allocated randomly, unless you request to share with someone.

Before booking, I recommend getting in touch with me to double-check that your preferred room type remains available.


  • 1x Triple Room - £375/person (unavailable)
  • 3x Upstairs Twin Rooms - £415/person (all unavailable)
  • 1x Downstairs Twin Room - £375/person (one bed left)
  • 2x Classic Singles - £575 (both unavailable)
  • 1x Luxury Single - £615 (available)

This covers (almost) everything - your accommodation, your food and all your practice sessions. Private massage treatments can be booked separately (see 1-2-1 therapies above and get in touch for booking).

Booking (and Covid considerations)
A booking form and a £150 deposit confirms your space. The balance is due by August 31, 2022.

Should Covid still be an issue, I will only go ahead with the retreat if I can do so in a way that will be safe, meaningful, enjoyable and relaxing for all of us and viable for me with the costs of the venue and catering.

If the retreat does have to be cancelled due to Covid, you will have the option of shifting your booking to my May or November 2023 retreats or cancelling your booking and receiving a full refund. 

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