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I teach Qigong as part of a systematic process of internal change. My classes and workshops are based on the teachings of the Lotus Neigong school. We work with our body, breath and energetic system to boost our health and well-being, heighten our capacity for self-expression and lay solid foundations for deeper transformation.

Coronavirus update - I have temporarily moved my Qigong classes online.

For now, please ignore all information about in-person classes on this website.

Qigong is for me - not a gentle a form of exercise - but a powerful tool within the Chinese internal arts that helps lead us through the transformative process of Neigong.

So, as a teacher of Damo Mitchell's Level 1 Lotus Neigong syllabus, my focus is on:

  • Exploring the internal processes that are initiated when we practise Qigong exercises in the right way, rather than on teaching series upon series of relaxing but otherwise empty practices.
  • Working slowly and step-by-step to lay the crucial foundations for a life-long journey. This means opening, strengthening and realigning our physical body, regulating our breath, activating our energy systems and, all the while, purging from our bodies the 'toxins' (physical, emotional, mental) we have accumulated in the course of our lives.
  • Developing and refining the influence of external movements on our inner landscape - rather than trying to make our external Qigong form beautiful for its own sake.
  • Never using our imagination, but instead trusting our bodies to give us tangible signs to let us know when the cause we have put in place has had the desired effect within us.

We start the Neigong process in our physical body, before working with our energy system and later with our mind and consciousness. It is only by opening and aligning our body in a particular way that we stand any chance of activating our energy system, circulating our Qi and moving progressively along this road of internal development.

Establishing the foundations for the journey back to our true selves takes time and cannot be rushed.

It requires patience, dedication, regular practice and a willingness to work with any challenges or discomfort that peeling away the layers of our acquired self might bring up. But trying to rush or side-step this stage to jump ahead to the more spiritual levels of the internal arts is futile - it simply puts a glass ceiling on our progress that we will never get beyond, no matter how many years we practise.

I (like many) learned this the hard way in a couple of previous schools of Qigong. Lotus Neigong has given me the key to making real, ongoing progress in my practice and my personal development.

If you are looking for Qigong where improved health, boosted energy and reduced stress are just the welcome side effects of a much deeper process of personal exploration and transformation, join us in class.

Yoga classes and Qigong classes in Cambridge

氣功 Qigong

Qigong is a Chinese internal art that brings together movement, breath and awareness.

But what does 'Qigong' mean?
Qi is hard to translate, but is often rendered as Vital Energy. Gong, in modern Chinese, means 'work', but here it refers to a skill or quality that is cultivated through regular practice over a long period. So Qigong is the quality of mastery of one's Qi that comes from sustained and dedicated practice. So it is really not something you do, but, rather, something you are working towards.

內功 Neigong

Similarly for Neigong
Nei means 'within'. So Neigong is the quality of mastery of one's whole internal world that comes from sustained and dedicated practice.

Qigong exercises are important tools for achieving Neigong.

Some things you might like to know

  • Both men and women and women are welcome at my Qigong classes and workshops (unless specifically stated).*
  • Please be aware that Qigong involves a lot of standing. Our standing position can be tiring at first and some practices can be energetically and physically intense. You can explore practising sitting on a chair if standing for long periods is not possible.
  • A typical class will involve a period of stretching and other physical warm-ups. We will then focus in on the detailed mechanics and energetics of one of the Lotus Neigong Level 1 series - Jiben Qigong, Wuxing Qigong, Wudaoyin, Dragon Daoyin or Hunyuan.
  • Most practices are the same for women and men, but, once the foundations are in place, there are also some practices that are specifically for women.
  • If you'd like some theory to go along with your practice, I highly recommend Lotus Neigong founder Damo Mitchell's book 'A Comprehensive Guide to Daoist Neigong'.

*I say this because my Yoga sessions mainly focus on women's health and so are mostly women-only. Please visit my main NurtureWorks website for details.

NurtureWorks Qigong class guidelines


  • Be sure to let me know of any existing health conditions on your registration form
  • Just wear loose, comfortable clothes that you can move in freely and a pair of flexible and spacious shoes.

These classes are not suitable for you if:

  • You are under 18
  • You are pregnant
  • Your health is very weak or you are looking for a gentle, relaxing class that does not require or build physical strength
  • You cannot commit to regular practice (attending class and at home)
  • You are struggling with a serious mental health condition

I would, of course, prefer to turn no one away, but, to ensure everyone's safety and well-being, it is important that I maintain these restrictions. If none of the above applies to you, you would be very very welcome to join us!

And, if you are not sure if the class is right for you, do just get in touch so we can talk it through.

“I'd never practised Qigong before. A beautiful discovery."

- Sara T.

“Tiffany is sincere, humble and authentic about the teachings she disseminates. She radiates the strength and awareness you want from a teacher.”

- Shumaila A.

Register for my classes

New Student Offer: 4 Weeks for £35

Or you can just sign up to try one class.

Fyi - For women, this offer also covers my Tuesday Well-Woman Yoga class and Friday morning Hatha Yoga (Five Elements) class, so you'd be welcome to come to all these classes for four consecutive weeks to see if they are for you.

Qigong class times and credits

Mondays, 6.00-7.30pm

Online for now (live on Zoom and recorded)

Open to all - men and women. No experience needed.
Price: £12 drop-in / £60 for 6 credits (valid for 10 teaching weeks) / Monthly Memberships from £45

Important - Payment choices offer some flexibility, but regular attendance is expected and vital to progress and benefit from your practice.

WomenWell in the Wild

About me

I am Tiffany Bown. I live in Cambridge, UK, with my family. I am a mother of three, a Qigong teacher, a Yoga teacher and an explorer of natural ways of restoring and maintaining internal harmony.

  • I was lucky enough to train intensively with Lotus Neigong founder Damo Mitchell on his last-ever three-year Qigong intensive. As a Level 1 Instructor, I am qualified to share the school's incredibly grounded, rounded and far-reaching foundational syllabus, as well as its women's practices.
  • You can read more here about me and the origins of my interest in natural approaches to health and well-being (and my passion for women's health).

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