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Different people of course experience their practice in different ways and take different things from it. Below are what some of the beautiful women I have taught have had to say about my sessions and what they mean to them.

“Atmosphere of safety & trust”

Tiffany holds this feminine space with utmost integrity, authenticity and truth. This circle feels sacred, where all emotions are welcomed and feminine cycles are revered. There is an atmosphere of safety and trust.

The Daoist practises have changed me profoundly in that now I have a sense of self-reverence where before there was shame. I'm more comfortable in my own skin and the process of self-love has begun in earnest. Tiffany, this work is much needed at this time to help reawaken the sacred feminine in all of us. Deep gratitude to you and your offering.

— Alison G.

"Explore the depths of femininity"

The Women's Circle has come into my life at a perfect time. I found my cycle was beginning to change yet all the allopathic tests/ approaches were fairly inconclusive. I decided to do some of my own research and discovered this process is a very natural event in a woman's life. I find it reassuring and relaxing to be a part of a supportive group where I can explore the depths of femininity and learn practical and nurturing ways to harmonise and balance my self.

— Nicky S.

“Helped me improve my balance”

I wanted to write and say how in readily helpful I have found your classes. As you know, I have MS and my balance and feet are not great. Your classes have really helped me to improve my balance and have helped me to work on individual muscles, often through concentrating on small movements, and this has helped across lots of areas of my life. Having struggled for some time to begin to like my body again I am at last beginning to reconnect with it and see what I can still achieve. I really do think that a lot of this is thanks to the work I have been able to do in your amazing Women's Circle and the support I have received from you and the wonderful women who I have met there.

— Alison H.

"A calm and supportive space to stop"

Tiffany's class provides a calm and supportive space to stop, relax, reflect and recharge. I leave the Circle feeling reenergised and happy. I have learned so many techniques for helping myself relax - even away from the sanctuary of the Circle.

- Emily P.

“Lowering my stress levels”

I really enjoy Tiffany's Women's Circle and I look forward to it every week! It's made such a big difference in lowering my stress levels and learning so much about how to nurture and look after myself. I thoroughly recommend these classes and the support you get from all of the women who attend.

— Katrina P.

"Allowing me to rediscover myself"

After years of being busy with motherhood, parenting, working and general family life, at last making time for a weekly class with Tiffany is allowing me to rediscover myself, and my own inner life.

— Janet C. 

"A very special experience"

Tiffany's women's health class is unique. She takes tremendous care to create a space that is nurturing and gentle. I leave the class feeling profoundly moved in body and spirit and with a deep sense of well-being. A very special experience.

- Ashley S.

"Intimate and supportive"

I found Tiffany’s class after I miscarried with my first pregnancy. I was looking for something to help me relax and understand my body in greater depth. The classes were fantastic, they helped me to have an oasis in my busy week when I could concentrate on myself. The sessions are intimate and supportive and Tiffany tailored movements to address our individual needs. I continued to go in the early weeks of my second pregnancy and I was very sad to have to stop when I reached 14 weeks!

- Amelia G.

"Better relationship with my body"

Tiffany's classes are all amazing. I absolutely love her very gentle restorative women's sessions. I leave them totally relaxed and in a better relationship with my body. I highly recommend these yoga sessions for pre-conception.

- Ana T.

"Above and beyond"

I attended Tiffany’s Fertility Yoga class while I was starting IVF treatment & then through to when I finished. The relaxation techniques she demonstrated in class were fundamental to being able to switch off & create a calm space at home. It was great how she showed techniques that you didn't need to wait each week in class for, but you could practise these at home – which she encouraged. I was particularly grateful for the extra support she provided when I traveled abroad on holiday. This was a time when I would be starting the fertility injections, Tiffany personally sent me a long list of practices for hormone stimulation that I took away with me & used whilst I was away. This helped me to remain calm & treat each injection as a peaceful step rather than a daily hindrance, this calmness helped to keep my stress levels low. This extra guidance went above & beyond what she needed to do & showed that she is dedicated at what she does & assists in each way she can to help you succeed on your fertility journey. I write this now as I approach my 15th week of pregnancy & can genuinely say that I am very glad I attended Tiffany’s classes when I did as it helped me stay calm & positive during an emotional & draining time of my life.

- Debra P.

"Dedicated and skilful teacher"

I have been going to Tiffany's Yoga and Qigong classes for a year and am so pleased to have found this lovely teaching style and such a dedicated and skilfull teacher. I come away from classes feeling calm, energised, strong and supple. I also really enjoy the friendly atmosphere created in the classes.

— Mary G.

"Accessible and grounding"

I have loved the flowing movements in Tiffany's Qigong classes. The detailed description she gives has helped me to understand the relationship between the seasons, the elements and my own energy and system. I find the practice very accessible and grounding.

— Nicky S.

"It is treasure"

I have just started yoga - aged 51 - and it is a revelation. I have ankylosing spondylitis and have worried my body wouldn't cope with certain positions. But I knew it would be good to strengthen my core.

Tiffany treats everyone and every body as an individual. She knows and explains the movements and how they work. She has endless patience and a keen eye. She can gently realign your body so there is no strain but each move stretches and strengthens and it feels amazing. I am discovering new aspects to my body. The only thing to top it, is the way we relax at the end of the class - something I had forgotten how to do! It is treasure. Thank you.

— Sophie W.

"Totally restorative"

Tiffany's classes are calm, meditative, refreshing and totally restorative. I love them!

— Jane N.


Tiffany's Qigong classes are joyful.  She is a wonderful teacher with the perfect blend of clear instruction, spirituality and humour. Whether we are inside, or outside under the trees in glorious Newnham, I always feel uplifted and energised after a class.

- Cilla C.

“Pull my life back into shape"

Tiffany's classes pull my life back into shape - an easier, more likable, far lighter shape.

- Ashley S.

“Enriches my everyday life"

I find the class to be nourishing on a psycho-spiritual level and creatively fulfilling. I enjoy learning about Daoist thought and ideas and being able to apply them to my life such that my MogaDao practice enriches my everyday life and is not just an escape from it. Tiffany’s teaching is thoughtful, appropriate and supportive.

- Jo G.

“Reaches a much deeper meaning"

For me MogaDao enriches Yoga practice as it reaches a much deeper meaning both spiritually and physically. There is so much I can ‘use’ in my daily life and in my own teaching. As for Tiffany’s classes, she takes great care in ensuring we learn the right technique and make us aware of every single step in any pose. She makes us leave our egos outside the room and her meditations are amazing!”

- Samira T.

"Great workout for body and mind"

I enjoy the flow and poetry of the classes - a great workout for both body and mind. Tiffany takes the time to explain the theory really beautifully which gives so much more power and meaning to the movements.

- Elaine W.

"Very powerful"

Thanks for a very special day. You bravely and skillfully created a friendly, safe place where I could express myself verbally and physically ... Very powerful!

- Cecilia T.

"Wonderful, restorative & healing"

Thank-you so much for your generosity in enabling & sharing this wonderful, restorative & healing practice with all your amazing sisters.

- Clare M.

"Clear, sensible, direct, accessible"

I appreciated and relished your ability to share intimate practices and teachings with us in a very no-nonsense and non-mystical way.  You made it all clear, sensible, direct, accessible ... I felt safe and trusting.

- Felicity S.

"A moment of complete serenity"

I really loved the workshop. I found it very tranquil and promoted a great sense of meditation. In fact, I had a moment of complete serenity which is something I have been searching for. I didn't expect to achieve that within a room of people.

- Rebecca C.

"Relaxing and informative"

Really useful to dedicate a whole day to practice. The day was relaxing and informative! Tiffany is a great teacher; very friendly and knowledgeable.

- Katrina P.

"A great kindness"

To come to one of Tiffany’s retreats is to do oneself a great kindness. She creates and holds a beautifully nurturing space for women, who, in turn, nurture each other. Wonderful!

- Beth M.

"A turning point in my life"

A wonderful retreat to reconnect and nurture yourself. Tiffany has an amazing empathy, gentleness and way that makes you feel secure and loved. It has been a turning point in my life.

- Kath G.

"It was perfect"

After a very rough few years, I feel like this weekend has really been transformational and has helped me start to settle and love myself again. It was perfect. 

- Ellie L.

"Just fabulous"

“Just fabulous! A really lovely balance of gentle exercise, meditation, good food and lots of sleep in a wonderful location - how we should be living all the time.”

- Ruth P.

"A restorative weekend"

Tiffany was a gentle and compassionate teacher, and lead us in a beautiful program that embraced feminine power and self-care and allowed for a lot of healing and introspection. Such a restorative weekend in beautiful surroundings with other lovely, interesting women - I couldn’t recommend it more!

- Emily M.

"Exceptional food ... Beautiful setting"

Absolutely exceptional food. Nurturing teaching and healing 1-2-1 treatments. Beautiful setting and stunning house. The only thing that would have made it even better was if it could have been another day longer!

- Maria F.

"Mandatory for all women"

For the first time, I can genuinely see the benefits of being a woman. Mandatory for all women!

- Lorien H.

"Wisdom and compassion"

This Yoga is underpinned by wisdom and compassion and the sheer joy of being a woman. It is inspiring. … The greatest benefit for me was to reconnect with myself, to value myself as a woman.

- Jo D.

"Safe, supportive, non-judgmental"

It was enlightening - learning and understanding things about myself through Qigong, Yoga and being with people in a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment ... It was a retreat away from the noise and hassle of 'normal life', but it was not just a 'pampering weekend'. It was about having the opportunity to be calm and to hear myself ... A very cleansing, nurturing and transformative space. Thank you, Tiffany - you have the gift and ability to hear what lies underneath and to always be so genuine.

- Irina M.

"A new woman"

A few days at Tiffany's retreat at Fishley Hall and you will feel like a new woman. I do. Again!

- Jo S.

"The power we have as women"

You taught me so much about my body this weekend - to respect and revere and to take better care of its wonders than I do ... Tiffany understands the power we have as women and helps us to reconnect to our own bodies and true selves.

- Olivia R.

"An absolute dream"

Every part of the retreat was an absolute dream - Tiffany, her practices, the wonderful people I met who were all on their own journey, the incredible food from Henry and the beautiful surroundings. I don't think it could have been more perfect! ... Thanks for helping me during a difficult and emotional time."

- Lauren G.

"Superbly organised"

The retreat was superbly structured and organised. I never felt like I was doing too much or too little.

- Jenny M.


The whole experience was divine ... It was nourishment, like a big hug, so soothing and comforting ... Thank you for doing this. It is vital in the modern world.

- Olga T.

"Found my self-worth"

Thank you for such a great experience. I was not sure what to expect when I booked. When I got there, I was overwhelmed by the venue and the warmth of the welcome. ... I came looking for inner peace and I learned how to get there - to create a space for me, to slow down and that it's ok to let my feelings out. Best of all, I found my self-worth

- Ana W.

"A treat for body and mind"

A treat for your body and your mind. It was magical to watch some very stressed women open up and blossom in just a few days.

- Laura T.

"Emotionally lighter"

Thank you, Tiffany, for a very restorative weekend. I’m going back to the real world refreshed, emotionally lighter and with a greater understanding of my body and femininity.

- Kat R.

"Peace and renewal"

"Tiffany has a rare gift of combining extensive research - theoretical and practical - with empathetic and transformative teaching. Her Yoga sessions include Qigong, reverence for seasonal change and celebration of female energy. Powerful stuff! …. It is fascinating how practice, good food, Ashley’s shiatsu massage and discussion combined to shift one’s state of mine to peace and renewal. .. And the venue was great - large spaces, great bathrooms, and intimately connected to the seasons by being on a farm and close to the sea.”

— Nicole H.

"Wisdom and insights"

"Thank you for your wisdom and insights. … I loved approaching Yoga from an elemental aspect - this was a whole new wealth of information. … The venue was excellent - warm, with lovely bedrooms, great food and plenty of it. Wonderful company of women."

- Sarah O.

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