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One-to-One Sessions For Women’s Health



I offer one-to-one sessions for women's health at my home studio in Newnham, Cambridge. These can be customised to suit your individual needs and preferences, drawing on specialised female-focused Yoga, Qigong and Reflexology, naturopathic diet and lifestyle advice, and guided imagery, visualisations and meditations.

My one-to-one sessions for women's health and well-being are perfect if you wish to keep your therapy sessions private or want to complement my group Yoga classes, Qigong classes and Women's Circles with personalised support.

I recommend them to anyone looking for pre-conception care or healing support for fertility issues (whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with assisted conception techniques like IVF), menstrual or other gynaecological difficulties or menopausal problems.

I also work with women with other chronic health issues and those who are simply looking for one-to-one guidance to deepen their own Yoga or Qigong practice or to relax with some nurturing Reflexology (or Yoga or Qigong).

You can book your 1-2-1 sessions individually or, for maximum healing benefit and value, choose one of my Wise Womb Therapy Packages.

One-to-one sessions for women's health

What others say ...

“I started seeing Tiffany for fertility Reflexology... I found her very supportive and thorough ... I found our Reflexology sessions deeply relaxing ... and believe they helped us conceive. I would highly recommend Tiffany.”

- Deidre M.

"Tiffany is very approachable and an excellent communicator and teacher. Working with her helped me to heal and to remember to nurture myself during an extremely stressful period... Thank you, Tiffany."

— Kara M.

NurtureWorks - Helping women thrive with Yoga, Qigong, Reflexology and diet & lifestyle advice in Cambridge, UK.

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