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Women’s Yoga Classes in Cambridge

Yoga Classes


My Yoga classes in Cambridge are rooted in the cyclical rhythms of the Chinese Five Elements. They will nurture and empower you and optimise your female health and well-being, from menstrual cycles to fertility to menopause.

MogaDao Yoga provides the perfect architecture for our sacred feminine reconnection and mind-body healing, rooted as it is in nature's cycles and our sexual energy as the foundations of our well-being and empowerment.

This uniquely graceful Yoga practice rekindles an embodied awareness of how universal cycles flow within us like they do in the rest of the natural world. Just as they govern the turning of the days and seasons, so they influence everything from our ever-shifting moods and inclinations to every aspect of our physical well-being (including, most obviously, our menstrual cycle). It is the stressful, linear patterns of modern life that throw these fluid rhythms out of harmony and lead to a downward health spiral.

The original vision and healing power of this unique style of Yoga derives from its marriage of classic Yoga asanas with the consciousness and practice of Chinese Daoist Qigong.

Each Yoga class I teach embodies, honours and harmonises within us the energy of one of the Five Elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. This reconnects us to the turning energy of the seasons (represented by four of the Elements, with Earth holding the centre) and returns us to dynamic, cyclical balance.

Into this safe and sure MogaDao foundation, I also weave other nourishing and empowering Yoga and Qigong practices specifically designed for cultivating women's health and well-being.

If you are looking for a practice whose benefits extend off your mat and into real positive change in your life, giving you much more than just exercise, stretching and a temporary sense of relaxed calm, you have found your Yoga home.

“For me, MogaDao Yoga enriches Yoga practice as it reaches a much deeper meaning both spiritually and physically,”

- Samira T.

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Four Weeks Unlimited
Yoga & Qigong

Get a feel for my Qigong and Yoga classes* to see if they are for you.

Just £25

*Does not cover Women's Circles

Yoga Classes

  • Wednesday, 9.15-10.45am
    More dynamic session

  • Friday, 9.15-10.45am
    Gentler session

Price - £12 drop in / £60 for 6 credits

Signal Box Community Centre,
Glenalmond Avenue,
Cambridge, CB2 8DB

This Week's Classes

9:15 am Five Elements Yoga – dynamic ses... @ The Signal Box
Five Elements Yoga – dynamic ses... @ The Signal Box
Feb 21 @ 9:15 am – 10:45 am
Five Elements Yoga - dynamic session @ The Signal Box | Cambridge | United Kingdom
More dynamic, without compromising our focus on nurturing fluid, feminine movement and internal awareness. Some experience recommended. Yoga Class Fees 1 Class Drop-In – £13 – Pay Now 6 Class Credit – £60 – Pay Now[...]

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My two friendly weekly Yoga classes at The Signal Box, Cambridge are open to all women.

The Friday morning class is gentler. The Wednesday morning class is more dynamic, but still invites you to move with care, curiousity and sensitivity to the energy shifts within you. It is accessible to anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.

In both classes, our focus is on nurturing self-acceptance, self-reverence and empowerment by expressing our internal energy in our external Yoga form. The focus is not on trying to impose some imagined 'perfect' physical form or some required level of athletic performance on our unique bodies.

The teachings in my Yoga classes are largely derived from the MogaDao practice tradition, founded and created by my teacher, Zhenzan Dao. The MogaDao root school is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA; the European base is in Gubbio, Italy. I am the only teacher of MogaDao Yoga, Qigong and Sacred Daoist Sexuality in the UK.

“MogaDao Yoga asks of both spirit and body. Not just one or the other.”

- Zhenzan Dao, MogaDao founder

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